Happy 2018!

Happy New Year wishes
Happy 2018 wishes to you and all your loved ones! Happiness, Growth & Success – may you reach these and many more goals in 2018!

Here is a quick take on where I stand today, on January 01, 2018…

Looking back

2017 was a trying year for me – both personally & professionally.

Things did not play out as I had hoped/planned and there were unexpected roadblocks along the way.

However, I am thankful for those trials & tribulations!

It is only by passing through such tough situations that we emerge stronger and learn to be appreciative of who we are.

My family & I grew, even more, closer as we faced the personal challenges that started in Q1 and went-on till Q3.

Professionally, too, I had to sacrifice many things as I handled the personal challenges.

The biggest setback was that I had to quit my job in June 2017 – while I was performing excellently and had just received a salary increase.

I was, however, fortunate enough to have some very close friends/colleagues who continued to believe in me and helped me again get back on feet.

The thing is that none of us can plan for these “black swan” events.

You just have to tackle them as they come.

And, that taught me an important life lesson – always count your blessings!

Looking ahead

2018 has begun on a very positive note!

The personal challenges have all been taken care of.

And, the professional career is set to restart from where I had left it.

I have the following key goals for 2018:

  1. Get healthier than ever – physically, mentally & emotionally
  2. Become a better sales professional – there are plenty of areas that I need to improve upon
  3. Continue to learn new skills – self-paced learning is the best antidote to passive entertainment

Now, your turn!

How did 2017 go for you?

And, what are your plans/goals for 2018?

Do share your take on these questions by commenting below – it will help us better understand each other!

Thanks for reading this post and visiting my site!

Looking forward to having you come back for more…

And, Happy 2018, once more!

Happy 2018!
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