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Technology is not the end point; its job is to create a bedrock on which people, businesses and economies can flourish.

Over the past fifteen years, I have seen an amazing amount of technology transformation in the organizations for which I have worked.

Technology is transforming not only businesses; its impacts are being felt even more on how people live, work & play. These changes, in turn, are impacting all economies.

I have hugely benefited from these technological advancements by being¬†“tech savvy”, “ready to change”, “fast learner”, and “well read”!

I started writing this blog to satisfy¬†the¬†need and want¬†of¬†being “well read”!

I hope to share unique and useful insights on developments in banking, economy, technology and related topics with you.

Let my blog be a supplement to your other information sources

I welcome your thoughts on these topics or any others that ‚Äútechnology advancements‚Ä̬†affect¬†.¬†So let the conversation begin!

About me

I have over 13 years of rich and diversified experience in Information Technology. This includes about 10 years of sales & delivery experience in the Financial Services.

Check my LinkedIn profile to know more about me and to connect with me professionally.

Personally, I am a technology enthusiast with special interest in all things web and analytics! Economics & IT are my favourite topics and blogging is my hobby.

I have had the privilege of teaching MBA students at NMIMS, a premier management school of India.

I have taught “IT & Business” related courses to participants of executive-development, not-for-profit organizations,¬†full-time & part-time programmes.

I have also had a great fun researching some interesting topics as a Google Answers researcher! A couple of answers that I am really happy about are:


You can always mail me at connect@reetesh.com.

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